Apartments Zoned for Terwilliger Elementary School

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Find Apartments Zoned for Terwilliger Elementary School

apartments zoned for terwilliger elementary school

Terwilliger Elementary School is located off of SW 62nd Blvd near the Oaks Mall. Terwilliger’s recent school rating in 2013-2014 came back as a C. The previous 3 years, the school boasted 2 A’s and a B for their report card. You can view more on Terwilliger Elementary’s report card on the official SBAC site.

Below are the apartments in Gainesville, FL that are zoned for Terwilliger Elementary School. If your child is nearing completion of elementary school and you’re curious as to what school they’ll attend next, no worries! Each listing is complete with elementary, middle and high school information on the apartment complex page.