College Life Disneyfied with 20 GIFS

College Life Disneyfied with 20 GIFS

college life disneyfied

I love imgur… just absolutely love it. However, if you’re a student in Gainesville, do not go to this site when you’re supposed to be studying. It’s a total time suck and can cause bad things to happen to your test grades. Ran across a post this morning on imgur that summed up the college life of a student with Disney animated gifs that we just had to share.

When you see your dorm room for the first time

… every time after that

View of the food hall as a freshman

vs. as a senior

What I expected the sex to be like ;)

… the reality …

Finals as a freshman

vs. as a senior

Expectation of spring break

When my prof assigns a 15 pg paper to do over spring break

Reality of spring break

View of seniors as freshman

And view of freshmen as a senior

How it felt paying my tuition

Group projects… need I say more?

My counselor going over my degree plan

How I thought it would feel to graduate

How it actually felt

Good luck you college kids!

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