Resident Appreciation Week

Resident Appreciation Week

Resident Appreciation Week

As a resident you should be appreciated year round, no doubt. But some apartment communities take it to a whole new level sometimes during what has been coined “Resident Appreciation Week”. This year, we wanted to highlight some Gainesville apartments that we felt did an awesome job with it.

What is Resident Appreciation Week?

A lot of communities designate a week out of the year where they go above and beyond for their residents. It’s typically a planned out week with a different type of event each day of the week. The events often vary by apartment community and typically tailored to what makes sense for an individual community.

CMC Resident Appreciation Week

This year we wanted to specifically call out CMC for an amazing job on their resident appreciation week. CMC manages over a dozen apartments in Gainesville including Spyglass Apartments, Lakewood Villas and many more.. Each year they host a resident appreciation week for their properties and each year brings new ideas and new events for residents to enjoy. Below are a few of the exceptional ideas that came out of this year that we thought were note worthy:

  • Trash Pick Up
  • Free Car Washes
  • Bracket Contest for $100 Rent Credit
  • Pet Night with Food Truck Specifically for Pets

Free car washes and trash pick up… where do I have to move to get that every week?!

Did your apartment community have a resident appreciation week? Let us know what your favorite event was or what you would like to see as a resident.

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