UGH! I Totes Hate My Roommate!

UGH! I Totes Hate My Roommate!

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First couple months of your lease have gone by and things were going smooth but now the idea of being around your roommate just makes you want to pull your hair out and chew on nails. Don’t get too stressed out, these things happen way more than you think and your manager likely has a solution for you and can help with your roommate issues.

Most apartment communities have some standard procedure for these types of things and depending on the reason of your roommate issue, most will work with you to make you happy. Now that being said, saying you don’t like how they brush their teeth or chew their food will likely have your concern tossed out or at the bottom of the list at best.

Have you talked with your roommate?

There’s a reason this will be the first question your community manager asks you when you report the roommate issue. It’s not that they don’t want to help you, sometimes when roommates try to talk it out first it can help save your friendship and living relationship. If both you and your roommate are reasonable and rational people, a talk with each other that puts it in the air for discussion about what’s going on can often help fix things immediately.

Your roommate may not realize how important it is to you that they put the dishes into the dishwasher immediately or that you get really cold when it’s below a certain temperature. If they’re not aware that you’re upset about something, there’s no opportunity for them to fix it.

How serious is the roommate issue?

We ask because we’ve heard it all from “she wears her pajamas around the house” to “she eats ice cream with a fork”. Don’t laugh, it happens. And if your roommate issue is something like that, it will be very hard for the manager to do anything for a silly reason.

We get it… it’s just not normal to eat ice cream with a fork but that’s not a valid reason for your apartment complex to move you. Make sure it’s an issue that impacts your living situation before taking it to the next level and definitely try talking with your roommate first.

Don’t wait for months to report your roommate issues.

You’ve tried talking with your roommate and they won’t listen and it’s a serious matter but you don’t like confrontation so you sit on it and hope it solves itself. This can make things much worse in the long run. It will make you resent your roommate and potentially build up hostility. Speak to your community manager quickly about the situation so they have time to start working on something for you. Keep in mind, if they can do something for you it can take time to do it.

Have you had roommate issues before? What was it and how did you solve it?

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